Take part in our #StreetSignTakeover!

Join families across the country highlighting their concerns about roadside air pollution by re-naming local streets.

Raise awareness of roadside air pollution

This street sign action is a great way to draw attention to the public health scandal of toxic air, and to let local authorities and city mayors know we want them to take action.

Picture of 2 young girls standing by road sign saying Croftno2wn RoadOur DIY sticker packs have individual N, O and 2 stickers which you can use to add the chemical symbol for Nitrogen Dioxide – one of the most
harmful pollutants emitted by vehicles – to street signs near you.

Many parents and children have targeted school streets, to highlight the exposure they face every day on their way to school. And some have targeted well known roads with a high footfall, such as their local high street.

Whatever street you decide to rename, make sure you take lots of photos, ideally some with you in the picture and share on social media including @AirTeamUK and #StreetSignTakeover.

Why not tweet or email your action
to your local newspaper. Some parents who have renamed streets have appeared in the South London Press, BBC Bristol and Leeds TV – to name a few – so it’s always worth reaching out!

Camera setup for taking a picture of a street sign

If you’d like to take part, have any questions or want support with reaching out to local media just drop us a line: airteamhq@gmail.com

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"I'm taking direct action for the first time in my life - my son suffers from asthma, and I know kids all over the city are growing up with stunted lungs and breathing problems because of the failure to get to grips with diesel fumes. I'm also a primary school teacher, and as parents and teachers our job is to keep children safe. How can we do that when we are sending them out into a playground full of toxic air?"

Deborah, Bristol

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