Take over a car parking space

Create a Parklet - a miniature park in a car parking space - and provide an area for people to rest, children to play and greenery to grow!

Help people imagine what the world could look like if cars weren't king of the road

Getting a group of local friends together and taking over a car parking space on your street is a great way to show the benefit of having less cars on the road. Fill the space with flowers, a bench, art materials for kids to get involved – whatever your community might enjoy.

Taking over a car parking space sends a clear message that we want our streets to be places where clean air, safe play and community are priorities over pollution cars. Let’s take our roads back!

 Check in with your local council to see if they have parklet schemed in place. Hackney Council, for example, allows you to apply for a permanant parklet

For more infomation on parklets, including ideas for you own, have a look at the London Living Streets website

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