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There are now over 950 play streets around the UK

A play street is when local residents close off their street to traffic for a few hours so children can play outside their homes without the dangers of traffic and air pollution.

A lot of play streets now take place regularly, but even a one-off session can have a dramatic effect. It brings local residents together. It shows people what our streets can look like when we take cars off the road. And it means our kids can experience the simple pleasure of ‘playing out’ without the dangers of traffic and air pollution.

Organising a play street is not as hard as it might seem.

You don’t need to worry about toys or activities for the children, just give them the road and they’ll do the rest!

The Government has recently published guidance on play streets for councils which encourages them to support the initiative, and 63 councils already have play street policies in place – so you’re unlikely to get any resistance when applying to close the road.

If you’d like to organise a play street or find out more, Playing Out can give you all the support and resources you need. Founded by two mums in Bristol, Playing Out is an organisation set up to help parents interested in organising play streets anywhere in the UK.

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"“Over just one generation, children have lost the freedom to simply go outside and play, to the serious detriment of their health and happiness. We’ve allowed cars and traffic to take over our streets, creating a “child-unfriendly” environment, both in terms of road safety and air pollution.”"

Alice Ferguson, Director of Playing Out

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