Meet The Team

We're the parents who founded the Air Team. We're all doing this in our spare time because we're passionate about clean air.

Some of us have children with asthma, and all of us know how damaging toxic air can be. We’re hoping that parents across the country can come together to show the government, city mayors and local authorities that clean air matters. We are not political: we support anyone who’s serious about creating a fresh air future.

Andrea Carnevali

Film-maker, dad, campaigner. I raised £100k in 3 months to turn one of the most polluted schools in London into one of the greenest.

Ben Paul

I'm a dad and architect. I started to worry about air pollution after the birth of my son and became a campaigner.

Jemima Hartshorn

I am a Mum of two. Former human rights lawyer but have become a clean air campaigner, so all our kids can breathe safely.

Lucy Harbor

Air quality consultant by day, clean air campaigner by night, Mum 24/7 (I live and breathe air quality!)

Rachel Hartshorne

I set up Healthy Air Leeds in January 2017 when I couldn't see anything being done about the air pollution problem in our city.

Shazia Ali Webber

Mum to 3 boys, previously a lawyer, currently a writer and campaigner for clean air.

The Air Team is supported by Glimpse, a collective for creative people who want to support environmental and social causes. They use their design and production experience to help us bring our ideas to life.


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