Improve your Day-to-Day

These small changes can make a big difference, and they're easier than you think


Ditch the car

Air pollution can be twice as high inside a car, so try to avoid driving as much as you can. The less you drive, the less pollution you and your passengers are exposed to (and the less you contribute to the problem!)


Switch off your engine

If you do have to drive, don't idle. Leaving your engine running when you are stationary - or 'idling' - for just two minutes creates enough toxic air to fill three hundred balloons. Whereas restarting produces much, much less. So turning off your engine makes all the difference.


Walk a different route

Air pollution concentrates around the busiest roads, and getting even a short distance away from them can make a big difference. Walking or cycling along side streets can lower your exposure to air pollution by 20%.


Show you care

Get one of our 'fresh air future' or 'smog sucks!' patches and pin badges, and show people this is an issue you care about. Perfect for clothes, school bags and buggy covers - they're a great way to start a conversation at the school gates.

Wear a patch


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