Give out idling leaflets

Help raise awareness of the dangers of idling

Encourage drivers to join the big switch off

Let them know what a difference they can make every time they switch off their engine.

A lot of drivers simply don’t know that car fumes are a big part of the problem when it comes to toxic air, or that air pollution causes asthma in children and is linked to lung cancer.

Leaving an engine running when the car is not moving – or ‘idling’ – for just two minutes produces enough toxic air to fill 300 balloons. Whereas restarting a vehicle produces much, much less. So drivers can make a big difference every time they switch off.

Talking to a stranger can be daunting, but handing out a leaflet is an easy way to let people know about the issue. It’s not about telling anyone off, or making them feel guilty. Drivers are not the enemy (most of us are forced to drive or use cars in some way) and we’re all victims of air pollution.

Idling leaflet_front                             Idling leaflet - back

Always approach drivers with a smile. Try a friendly “Hello, can I give you this flyer with some information about idling and how to reduce the dangers?”. Even if drivers don’t switch off immediately they will at least think about it later.


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